Our Patent Attorneys are highly experienced in design search as well as filing and processing of the design application, prosecution, recordal of changes, licenses and agreements, maintaining of the design patent in force and the representation of our clients in court for the successful implementation of their patent.

IPR GROUP’s highly trained patent team is efficient at guiding the client through the necessary steps and procedures needed to protect their design against infringing third parties and possible office actions of the examination. Our experts, having degrees in technical, economic and legal spheres, as well as significant and practical knowledge in industry, scientific research, business management and patent examination, work around the clock daily to provide our clients comprehensive solutions in the management and protection of their patent portfolio from unauthorized reproduction, counterfeiting, or exploitation by third parties. We have the experts for each of your applied technical and scientific fields and we can definitely help with all with any question of interest to the client in respect drafting of an application and further patent prosecution.

What is conditions of patentability for industrial design?

The industrial design should comply with the requirements of patentability such as novelty and originality

Producing a design with taking into account, the above criteria’s is a thing of high value for most companies and protecting it is of utmost importance. With this awareness, our patent attorneys treat every case individually, with utmost care and urgency at the same time, working for obtain the patent in the required areas of our jurisdiction.

What is patentable as a design?

Functional products of industry as well as handicraft items constitute industrial design. Electronics, furnishing, textile, glass creations, jewelry and so on; three-dimensional designations which are in line with the requirements for patentability may be patented as designs.

What is not patentable as a design?

The solutions due to the technical function of the claimed product, objects of unstable form from liquid, gaseous, loose or similar substances, descriptive marks, numbers, colours, non-distinctive marks, letters and any industrial design which is contrary to the moral code, ethical code or public policy of the state in which it requires a patent, may not be patentable as a design.

Design rights:

The Patent Owner of the registered industrial design have the followings rights:

Exclusive right – the right of the Patent Owner at his own discretion to authorize to use the industrial design in accordance with the conditions determined by the license agreement or prohibit it to other persons.

Right of authorship – the right to be recognized as the author of an industrial design. The right of authorship is inalienable. The right of authorship remains unchanged when transferring to another person an exclusive right to an industrial design.

International agreements in respect of industrial designs:

  • The Paris Convention;
  • Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs;
  • Locarno Agreement Establishing an International Classification for Industrial Designs.

For more details on design patent registration in our jurisdictions, kindly follow the individual tabs to explore the procedures required in each of our countries of the CIS: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Moldova.