Drones, supersonic aircraft, flying cars, unmanned aerial systems and jet packs are just some of the new inventions underway in the field of aerospace. Governments seem to be spending less on aerospace innovation while private firms are spending more in stretching the limits of our imagination and changing the status quo as we explore living on other planets. These private companies are growing in this industry to the point of being able to compete on the market amongst themselves and with traditional producers.

There’s also a project underway for global internet in the aerospace industry. For this there are two concepts; the first is a global concept through satellites, and the second is local internet signals from drones. Both of these concepts are being developed by some companies and is expected to be implemented in everyday life in the future. New technologies are being developed for craft-to-craft communication as well as flying commuters and system software is constantly being modified to accommodate these ideas.

Change is a constant thing, and while new innovation brings about this change, the need for protection to retain the value and integrity of these changes is also constant. At the IPR Group we provide our clients the best in the protection of their products and technical solutions against misuse and any unfair advantage.

Our clients who face increasing competition daily in emerging and developing markets rely on us to provide adequate protection of their assets and intellectual property. This is why the IPR Group team, understanding the value of this protection, provides in-depth insight in the workings of IP legislation to give our clients top-quality service within the countries of our jurisdiction.

Our services include patent filing and patent translation, responding to office actions or appealing the decisions of the examination in any of the countries of the CIS and the EAPO. A current trend also adopted by one of the leading companies which recently achieved a huge success in the aerospace industry, is to protect their inventions through the use of trade secrets. However we are of the opinion that an increased number of patents will be filed in the future due to the fact that more commercial companies are investing in this sector and will require patent protection for their inventions unlike the current new leader in the industry.