Civil Engineering

The primary focus of recent and ongoing trends in civil engineering is in sustainable and resilient infrastructure. New technologies are making this goal even more possible with new innovations and discoveries changing the way we build our roads, our bridges, even our homes. There’s innovations on making our buildings energy efficient, there’s also developments on the use of robots for better and more accurate construction as well as smart, solar powered roadways to help solve the climate crisis and enhance driving experiences.

Our ideas and creations are the future; and the right kind of protection empowers them and helps create even more opportunities for partnerships and growth. Our highly experienced patent team of engineers know all too well the importance of such technical solutions in this field and are efficient at serving and assisting our clients in making the most of their innovations and avoiding exploitation.

We provide services in filing registrations, responding to office actions and appealing the decision of the examination to bring about a positive outcome and legal counsel at amenable prices. The protection of intellectual property is vital with each new development and the IPR Group is well poised and experienced in handling such a demand in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and each one of the CIS countries efficiently.