A very broad discipline which encompasses spheres like chemistry, biological energetics, thermodynamics, ecological energetics and biochemistry; energetics studies energy under transformation. From the quantum level to the cosmos and biosphere, this is a field in constant birth of innovation. At the moment there are innovations on infrastructure to support the use and production of renewable jet fuel, new inventions on pay-as-you-go solar energy for locations with no access to power, drones are being improved and put to work on the fields to reduce costs of operations and maintenance, and much more.

Inventions and patents go hand in hand as the protection of intellectual property is vital in the sciences and subsequently in the field of energetics. With new ideas comes new products and innovation and our patent and trademark experts provide significant expertise, thinking outside the box to provide our clients the integral and valuable representation that they need. A positive outcome means success for our client and the success of our client is the focus of the service which we provide at the IPR Group.