IT/Software and Tech Manuals

Currently one of the fastest moving sectors, the world of IT, software and tech manuals is seeing brand new innovations at a speed never experienced before. Big data with its remarkable ROI and measurability has become big business and brand new developments are expected to humanize said big data for more qualitative and emphatic bits of data. The development and modification of apps have gotten us used to having everything-on-demand like Uber, and more innovations in this sphere are underway. There are improvements on integrations between physical and digital realities in the way we shop or play and live. Also machine learning is evolving to being able to predict what we want even before the click of a button.

These innovations in tech are being released almost daily, each one in competition to numerous others and needing some level of protection to retain value and succeed on the market. While our team includes IP Attorneys with expertise and experience in IT, we do not underestimate the necessity of strategies personalized to each of our clientele in achieving protection for their goods and services.

We provide services in filing registrations, responding to office actions and appealing the decision of the examination to bring about a positive outcome and legal counsel at amenable prices. The protection of intellectual property is vital with each new development and the IPR Group is well poised and experienced in handling such a demand in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and each one of the CIS countries efficiently.