Significant advancements are being made in nanotechnology across many different aspects of our lives. These nano-sized particles might just be the key to much needed developments in food, water, medicines, electricity and even sport. Nanoparticles are being developed to better treat cancer patients in the sense that nanocarriers are used for treatment in a way that focuses on killing only cancerous cells and limiting the damage of healthy cells. Research in nanoagriculture also, is currently aimed at detecting plant and animal disease, increase food production, monitoring plant growth and even enhancing food quality. There’s also new developments on the use of nanotechnology for better and safer drinking water access, and cheaper storage of solar energy for conversion to electricity.

With the obvious importance of innovation in this field, the role of intellectual property protection cannot be understated. Our Patent Attorneys in addition to intellectual property certification have degrees and valuable years of experience in tech and scientific research which gives them an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients and enables them provide better strategies in the prosecution and protection of their innovations.