There have been numerous new developments in fiber optics, optical metrology, quantum optics, geometric optics and other aspects of this vital branch of physics. Patents have been developed to aid the cleaving and splicing of glass with uncoated bare glass fibers. There have also been innovations on more efficient and secure methods for packaging multiple conductors; and in the metrology market, developments on greater data density for more complex applications (one example being the improvements on smartphone camera lenses).

Our team of IP attorneys with degrees in physics as well as experience in dealing with clients and cases in this department, provide quality services which expertly guide our clients, old and new in the protection of their discoveries and inventions. In filing registrations, responding to refusals or office actions, appealing the decision of the examination to bring about a positive outcome, our team adequately communicates with the client every step of the way, guiding and advising to produce the desired result in the protection of their products and inventive step.

With constant research in this field, the value of protecting intellectual property cannot be underestimated against any unfair advantage which might threaten the success of the science and new inventions. This is why the IPR Group team puts the client’s needs first, in protecting their broad range of products and discoveries from developments on fiber optic cables, to those on optical fiber tweezers for contactless trapping of biological specimen and more.