The healthcare system is changing tremendously and seemingly overnight due to new technological developments. Some of these developments include advancements in nanotechnology which enable the production of digestibles, tiny pill-like gadgets which track the absorption of drugs after they are swallowed and thereafter communicate information to the patient or caretaker. Methods are also being developed to begin testing drugs in silico instead of on humans or animals. New augmented reality (AR) applications will help nurses find veins much easier than before through the use of a vein scanner instead of the naked eye, and developments in virtual reality (VR) are hopeful to help doctors perform surgical procedures without having to lift a scalpel or pierce skin.

These innovations, revolutionary as they are, require adequate intellectual property protection to help retain their value and keep their place on the market in the face of rising competition or misuse. This value plays high in the decision of patients to use and purchase certain brands or products. This is why in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the ultimate protection of these innovations is vital.

These discoveries and innovations are the future; and the right kind of protection empowers them and helps create even more opportunities for partnerships and growth. Our highly experienced patent team with experience in this sphere know all too well the importance of such research findings in this field and are efficient at serving and assisting our clients in making the most of their innovations and avoiding exploitation.