UNION-IP Round Table “Smart IP – Applying intelligence to patenting, licensing, enforcing IP on new technologies”

February 22, 2019, Munich, Germany

An event dedicated to smart technologies and their application to patenting, licensing and enforcing IP was conducted by UNION-IP in Munich on February 22, 2019 at the German Patent and Trademark Office.


New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and other smart objects have come to our lives and should be duly protected, patented and licensed. Therefore, the subject of the round table was quite in demand.

The round table was divided into three sessions.

The first session detailed an overview of inventions – from the first industrial revolution to the emergence of new technologies. The approaches in protecting new technologies, creating and owning patents for new technologies, specific aspects of patent applications in new technologies, as well as the licensing of patents were discussed.

In the second session issues on enforcing IP with a view to new technologies, procedural challenges and new dispute solutions by the courts and their approaches from the administrative and legal points of view to IP, AI and legal decision making were addressed.

The third session investigated licensing aspects in a digital environment, structures and framework for licensing of digital communication, the applicability of specific injunctions and principles as well as respective licensing strategies.

At the tail end of the event, a general discussion with all panelists was held.

UNION-IP’s 2019 Munich Round Table was a great opportunity for European professionals to exchange practical approaches and experiences with new technologies and their impact on patenting, licensing and enforcing IP in European countries.

We are happy to extend our participation with UNION-IP Committees. It was also a good chance to meet our friends and colleagues and we are thankful to the organizers for an excellent  program of the event.