IPR Group Team Meeting

As always in September, IPR Group follows its tradition of meeting to discuss updates. We tried to keep in tradition this year as well, despite the current global situation. From all of us at IPR Group, we hope that you, your families and colleagues are staying safe during this trying time of the pandemic.

Like many of you, we have had to make changes and adjustments during this time to counter the effects of this global change, handling business as usual, while providing the same level of efficiency of service to our clients.

We will like to assure you that IPR Group remains fully operational, providing support where needed to staff and clients alike in every one of our jurisdictions.

At IPR we take the safety and health of our employees seriously, and have been able to structure our work activities within the current framework of social distancing and sanitation required. A good number of our staff currently work remotely, while those who need to work from our offices, rotate working hours in a way that keeps us safe and yet 100% operational. As a team we have been able to get together to discuss our new mode of work, structural changes, as well as new cases and experts as our clientele and capacity continues to grow.

We extend our thanks and warm regards to all of our customers around the world for their constant support and dedication even during this challenging time. We look forward to being able to meet and commune again when this is all over. As usual, we are at your disposal and available to contact with any questions and concerns. We are committed to ensuring that we all navigate through the current challenges together and successfully.

Thank you, stay safe and healthy.