On October 5, Attorneys of IPR Group took part in seminar conducted by YALCINER CONSULTING and THOMSON COMPUMARK in Istanbul

Participants were greeted by Mr. Jan Broeckx, Vice President of Global Operations THOMSON CompuMark and Mr. Ugur Yalçıner, Director General of YALCINER Consulting.

Everybody was impressed deeply with report of Mr. Bruno Machado, former director of WIPO International Registrations (Madrid and The Hague Agreements) and former president of OHIM Board of Appeal on the subject “Likelihood of Confusion in Trademark Registration and Protection” which was elucidated brilliantly. Full of capacious statements it was quite understandable.

Christel Rogiers, Customer services manager of THOMSON CompuMark, report provide detailed insight into possibilities of modern technologies use for making trademark search.

Also during the seminar Mr. Ugur Yalçıner, Driector General of YALÇINER Consulting gave a comparative analysis of costs for different stages of intellectual property acquisition and protection of right. The provided statistics showed how search services could be used to avoid conflicts which are expensive.

Knowledge received during the seminar enable Attorneys of IPR Group use for effective actions for right protection of our clients.

We are grateful to organizers and staff of YALÇINER CONSULTING for high level of management and hospitality. Also we thank participants for opportunity to discuss topical issues.

Team of YALÇINER CONSULTING greeting Participants on the Opening reception

Mr. Ugur Yalçıner, Driector General of YALCINER Consulting makes Opening speech

Mr. Kirill Kistersky (CEO of IPR GROUP), Mr. Bruno Machado (former director of WIPO International Registrations and president of OHIM Board of Appeal), Mr. Vanco Damjanski (CEO of BERIN) on the Final Reception

Kirill Kistersky (IPR GROUP) and Ayçin Günel (YALÇINER CONSULTING), wonderful evening on the Golden Horn and nice atmosphere of Event

Mr. Kirill Kistersky, Mr. Bruno Machado, Mr. Ugur Yalçıner and hospitable officers of YALÇINER CONSULTING enjoining by the Istanbul evening