The AIPPI 2023 World Congress: A Recap of Intellectual Property Excellence in Istanbul

Istanbul played host to the AIPPI 2023 World Congress from October 22 to 25, at an event that brought together more than 1,800 intellectual property professionals from around the globe. The Congress served as a platform for robust discussions on the latest developments in intellectual property rights protection.

This dynamic event featured engaging panels and sessions that delved into contemporary challenges and emerging trends in the world of intellectual property. Delegates explored various hot-button topics, including pharma, climate change, free trade agreements, trademarks, IT and the internet, plant variety protection, designs, commercialization of IP, the digital economy, and many others.

The sessions were graced by speakers representing national and regional offices, along with practicing IP attorneys hailing from Europe, USA, India, China, and a number of other countries. Their diverse insights and experiences added depth to the discussions.

The AIPPI 2023 World Congress was not only an educational opportunity, it was also a hub for networking. Attendees had the chance to reconnect with fellow IP practitioners from across the globe in a comfortable and serene environment.

Throughout the conference, key events such as Women’s AIPPI and Young AIPPI gatherings, as well as receptions hosted by our good friends and colleagues, provided additional opportunities for building relationships. The organizers thoughtfully created spaces for meaningful interactions, allowing for the establishment of new business contacts.

As part of the conference, a cultural evening unfolded in one of Istanbul’s most beautiful historical venues, the Binbirdirek Sarnichi. It was a memorable occasion, steeped in history and culture.

During the event, IPR GROUP team had the privilege of reconnecting with IP practitioners from all over the world. The Congress offered a platform for meeting old friends and forging new connections, reinforcing the notion that networking is an essential component of business development and growth.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers for executing a successful event, and we look forward to the next AIPPI World Congress with optimism for a more peaceful and harmonious world.