The IPR Group attended the conference on “Rethinking patent law as an incentive to innovation” in Warsaw

The IPR GROUP Patent Team attended the conference titled «Rethinking patent law as an incentive to innovation», which took place in Warsaw from 08 to 09 October, 2018.  The event held at the Warsaw University of Technology – in its Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management.

Rethinking... Warsaw, Poland 2018_1

The conference was organized by the Polish Patent Office together, the Polish Academy of Sciences as well as the the Polish Society for Intellectual Property and Competition Law. This coincided with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first modern Polish patent statute and the establishment of the Polish Patent Office.

In attendance were not only IP attorneys and firms, but also the most famous and successful scientist’s and researchers in the field of IP, who represented such world-renowned universities as the University of Warsaw, the University of Zurich, the University of Utah, and others.

Rethinking... Warsaw, Poland 2018_2

Such an interesting symbiosis of practical and theoretical knowledge, allowed to create an interesting discussion during the panels on the patent law’s primary functions of stimulating innovation. Substantive and procedural law issues, such as patentable subject matter, the scope of patent protection as well as patent remedies and models of patent enforcement were discussed.

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The event fostered vibrant debates among participants from all over the world, around specific sectors such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture and ICT. The influence of AI on patent law was also touched upon.

The conference provided a period for the exchange of professional views on different aspects in IP. It also enabled the professionals in attendance broaden their minds intellectually, and was a nice avenue to meet with friends and colleagues.

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