The IPR GROUP attorneys attended the Business of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference in New York on March 20-21, 2024

The IPR GROUP attorneys attended the Business of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference hosted by INTA in the lively city of New York on March 20-21, 2024.

The conference was aimed to delve into the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intellectual Property (IP) rights, and brand management strategies.

The attendees exchanged their thoughts and expertise on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the intellectual property landscape.

Key topics that were high on the agenda include:

  • how AI technologies change the way we create, manage, and enforce intellectual property rights;
  • how AI influences brand development, marketing strategies, and consumer engagement;
  • the ethical and legal implications of using AI in relation to IP rights, encompassing matters of ownership, infringement, data privacy, accuracy, and the principles of fair use;
  • successful instances where AI has been effectively integrated into IP management and brand strategies through industry case studies.

Through regular and interactive sessions with the use of a generative AI tool the event attendees got a valuable experience and knowledge about the challenges and opportunities presented by AI technologies and were updated on recent developments in law and regulations regarding AI in different countries.

The IPR Group delegates were thrilled to contribute to this dynamic dialogue on AI and IP and are certain that the Business of AI Conference was a transformative experience for all participants.

INTA also hosted the Pre-Annual Meeting Reception in New York on March 20. It was an evening filled with insightful conversations, new connections, and a shared enthusiasm for the future of intellectual property rights.

We are immensely grateful to the INTA team behind the organization of both top-notch events.